Why do you need my information?

Bitcoin.co.th is run by Bitcoin Co. Ltd., a registered Thai company and are registered with all the appropriate banking, eCommerce and tax authorities.

In order to comply with banking and tax reporting we are required to collect some basic information from our customers; name, ID # and address.

Why can I buy/sell bitcoins from other websites without providing any ID information?

Any person or website that buys or sells bitcoins but does not collect any customer information is not running their business as a registered company; or they would be in violation of tax requirements.  As such you are dealing only with an anonymous individual and will have no recourse should they fail to deliver on their end of the trade.

When you place your order at Bitcoin.co.th you can rest assured that you are dealing with a registered Thai company that cannot simply disappear with your money.

What will you do with my information?

In order to calculate our taxable profits we must retain a list of our trades; this data is used only to calculate the amount of tax we owe, it is not in any way related to your own personal tax.

We will never sell or disclose your information to other 3rd parties in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.