Scam Advisory

WARNING: If anyone asks you to deposit funds into our Bitcoin Co. Ltd. bank accounts DO NOT DO IT and report the individual immediately.

Some individuals are involved in a scam which operates by offering discount price products and asking the customer to deposit funds directly to Bitcoin Co. Ltd.  However the individual will then trade the funds to Bitcoin and never send any products to the customer.

If any vendor gives any of the following accounts to make a payment, they are operating a scam, these accounts are used for Bitcoin trading only.  Bitcoin Co. Ltd. does not offer any products other than Bitcoin, and you should never be depositing into these accounts unless placing an order for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. Account Numbers:

  • 981-6-85284-5  (9816852845)
  • 982-3-36895-3  (9823368953)
  • 796-2-25368-1  (7962253681)
  • 797-2-23495-2   (7972234952)

If you feel that you have been scammed by someone using this method please contact us immediately so that we can track down the person responsible.