Removal of Stellar

Added on 2015-09-21

Note that you can still withdraw Stellar from your account; but we have decided to close the Stellar/Bitcoin trading market at

UPDATE: Stellar will be completely removed from the system after October 31, 2015.  You must withdraw your stellar before this date or funds will be non-recoverable.

Services that are affected:

  1. Stellar to Bitcoin trading market place
  2. Stellar deposits (you will no longer be able to deposit new stellar)

Unaffected services:

  1. Stellar withdrawals:  You will still be able to withdraw stellar for at least the next 3 months

Reasons for doing this:

  1. The market is no longer seeing any trade volume (the 24 hour trade volume as of posting this was exactly “0.00”)
  2. Stellar foundation is bringing out a new version of their protocol which appears to totally replace the existing infrastructure.  Given the low trading volume it does not justify the time involved for us to study and upgrade to the new protocol.

If you have any concerns please submit a support ticket: