Not Supporting Bitcoin ABC or BitcoinCash

Added on 2017-07-25

We previously wrote about what we would do at in the event of an August 1st fork, however the situation has significantly changed since that posting, so here is an update to give you our current position.

The legitimate concerns that Bitcoin would split have been assuaged, because the miners were able to come together and all support Segwit2x, and Segwit has now been locked in on the Bitcoin network.

We are now running Bitcoin nodes on the btc1 codebase, and our system will continue to follow this Segwit2x chain.

Recently there has been some small group trying to force through an unnecessary hard fork, referring to this fork as “BitcoinCash”.  We do not support this fork, and think that it is simply an attempt at manipulating the situation in order for the promoters to gain more real Bitcoins.  This altcoin has hardly any miners, developers or community supporters.

As such we will not be listing BitcoinCash as a currency, and we will not be giving anyone BitcoinCash.

If you want to use this BitcoinCash altcoin you must withdraw your bitcoins from at least 48 hours before the fork.  And do not re-deposit until after the altcoin fork is created.

We appeal to users to not give this altcoin credibility as it will potentially make Bitcoin more confusing in the future.  If you do not support or care about BitcoinCash then you do not need to do anything; your real bitcoins will continue to work as normal.