New Service Opened

Added on 2018-03-13

We are pleased to announce that we have rebuilt and re-opened our website with a new format of service. Merchants can now easily accept a range of crypto-currencies including Bitcoin,...

Announcing Retirement of CoinPay Services

Added on 2017-10-16

UPDATE: A new coinpay service has now been re-opened The below post is now out-dated, but kept for archive purposes. We have decided to retire our service, which allows merchants to accept...

Segwit2X Following the Mining Power

Added on 2017-10-08

We would like to make it clear, to our users, what we plan to do with regards to the upcoming November Bitcoin hardfork (estimated November 19th). As we have previously stated, we are in...

Bitcoin Cash now available at

Added on 2017-09-13

We have now added a Bitcoin Cash to Thai Baht market to Withdrawals and deposits of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now available, with deposits requiring 3 confirmations....

Distributing 35,000,000 THB of Bitcoin Cash to customers

Added on 2017-09-11

As per our previous announcement, we did not support the Bitcoin Cash fork at and requested that all customers withdraw their funds prior to the fork. We expected the forked Bitcoin Cash to... Segwit Upgrade

Added on 2017-09-10

We have upgraded our wallet at in order to utilize Segwit Bitcoin addresses.  All customers have now been issued with new deposit addresses which now start with a number “3” instead...

Not Supporting Bitcoin ABC or BitcoinCash

Added on 2017-07-25

We previously wrote about what we would do at in the event of an August 1st fork, however the situation has significantly changed since that posting, so here is an update to give you our... August 1st Bitcoin Fork

Added on 2017-07-14

Several users have asked us what we plan to do on during the upcoming August 1st potential Bitcoin fork, and so we will make this clear now.  This article is geared towards laying out our position...

Send Bitcoin to Email

Added on 2015-03-25

At you can now send Bitcoin, or any other Altcoin listed on the site (such as Dogecoin, Pandacoin, Litecoin, etc…), to anyone with an Email address. On the withdrawals page simply enter...

Auto-withdrawals at

Added on 2015-03-23

At we have released a new auto-withdrawal macro feature. This function allows you to configure your BX account, so that once a balance of any currency reaches a certain level an automatic...