Distributing 35,000,000 THB of Bitcoin Cash to customers

Added on 2017-09-11

As per our previous announcement, we did not support the Bitcoin Cash fork at BX.in.th and requested that all customers withdraw their funds prior to the fork.

We expected the forked Bitcoin Cash to drop in value and become basically worthless, however we were wrong in this assumption as clearly Bitcoin Cash has maintained its value and does not appear to be dwindling.

Many customers did not withdraw their Bitcoins prior to the fork, and we were left with more than 1,800 BCH (currently valued at more than 35,000,000 THB) in our possession.  https://www.blocktrail.com/BCC/address/142d1rNHkRmCezU2PZ1LGPkg5uNamHX3W8

We have decided that it is time for us to redistribute this 35,000,0000 THB amount back to our customers who were holding Bitcoins on our BX.in.th platform at the time of the fork.

Within the next few weeks we will setup a THB/BCH marketplace on BX.in.th and credit customer balances with the amount of BCH that they had at the time.  Once BCH has been added to the website you will be able to check if you have a balance.  Please note that our support staff will not be able to check your balance until the developers have distributed the BCH to customer accounts.