BX.in.th Segwit Upgrade

Added on 2017-09-10

We have upgraded our wallet at BX.in.th in order to utilize Segwit Bitcoin addresses.  All customers have now been issued with new deposit addresses which now start with a number “3” instead of a “1”.  We ask that all customers please start to use their new deposit address, instead of any old addresses that they were previously using.

The old addresses will continue to work, however in order to encourage customers to switch to using their new Segwit address we have added an additional 3 confirmations to the approval time on old non-Segwit addresses.

The purpose of this upgrade is to save money on Bitcoin transaction fees; we hope that this will significantly reduce the amount we are paying for network fees.  Once we have established the amount of cost savings that we are receiving we hope to pass this cost saving back to the customers in the form of reduced withdrawal fees.