Auto-withdrawals at

Added on 2015-03-23

At we have released a new auto-withdrawal macro feature.

This function allows you to configure your BX account, so that once a balance of any currency reaches a certain level an automatic withdrawal will be triggered to a preset address or account.

The auto-withdrawal macros can be used to in combination with the auto-sell macros, in order to seamlessly send Bitcoins to a specific address, automatically convert to THB and withdrawal to your Thai bank account.  All without ever having to even open a web browser.

To create an auto-withdrawal visit this link:

Select “Auto-withdrawal” from the macro type, and click “Create Macro”

Select "Auto-withdrawal" from the macro type, and click "Create Macro"

You can then setup your auto-withdrawal settings.

For security you will need to enter your password and 2FA to setup an auto-withdrawal; you will also need to confirm the macro via an email confirmation link.  This is for security in order to prevent macros being used in the event of a hijacked session.

Enter your withdrawal settings.

Enter your withdrawal settings.