Announcing Retirement of CoinPay Services

Added on 2017-10-16

UPDATE: A new coinpay service has now been re-opened

The below post is now out-dated, but kept for archive purposes.

We have decided to retire our service, which allows merchants to accept Bitcoin.

This decision will allow us to focus on development on our core exchange services at and we hope that other companies will emerge to fill the gap of merchant services.

Our service will remain in operation until the end of the year (December 31st 2017), at which point all services will cease.

If you are currently using our CoinPay merchant services we suggest that you switch to accepting bitcoins directly to your own Electrum wallet ( as there are a number of plugins and APIs available, such as:

  • API:
  • WordPress (Woocommerce) Plugin:

After receiving bitcoins to your own wallet you can sell them out at which even allows you to generate an auto-sell macro, so that whenever bitcoins are received at your exchange deposit address, they will automatically be sold for THB.  You can read more about this process here: